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Afriplex Pharmaceuticals

Afriplex is a South African company rooted in the development and manufacturing of botanical extracts, complementary medicines and food & beverage product solutions. They were established in 2001, with the original objective of unlocking the potential of traditionally used African botanical remedies. Today, their mission is to conceptualise novel CAMS products based on scientifically proven safety and efficacy data, manufactured and packed according to cGMP quality standards.


The Cannabis Research Institute of South Africa

Afriplex is certified by the CRI. The Cannabis Research Institute (CRI) of South Africa is the first Centre of Excellence in the field of cannabis and cannabinoid therapy management in Africa. The CRI incorporates the use of multidisciplinary approaches to further advance cannabis medicinal, veterinary and complementary drug development. We incorporate clinical research and data analytical trials as well as developing cutting-edge methodology and utilizing state of the art equipment and technology.