Protein Blends

(Coming Soon)

We are busy formulating healthy and nutritious protein shakes in your favorite flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. These products consist of pure whey protein isolate and concentrate blend with only natural flavours for taste. Mix with water or milk for a daily protein supplements which tastes delicious, knowing that what you see is what you get - zero additives or sugar.


Nutrifix offers a range of nutraceuticals, superfoods and plant extracts. These include Collagen, Matcha, Maca, Blueberry, Beetroot and Moringa. All of these product come in a powder form so that you can easily blend it into your favorite smoothies, shakes and bowls.

CBD Oils

Our CBD Oils only come from licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers who is certified by the CRI to ensure absolute safety and efficacy.

Protein Extracts

We also have a range of pure protein extracts which include Pea Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. These powders are protein in the purest form. It does not include any additives and is unflavoured.